Thematic Fields of the Journal

Mission and Philosophy of the Organization 
Culture and Climate of the Organization 
Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Organization 
Structure and Form of the Organization 
Strategic Analysis 
Aims and Strategies 
Process of Strategic Management 
Characteristics of Strategic Management in the New Economy 
Contemporary Ontological, Epistemological and Axiological Suppositions on the Organization and its Environment 
Analysis of the Organization and its Interaction with the Environment 
Structure and Dynamics of the Organizational Environment 
Uncertainty and Indistinctiveness of the Organizational Environment 
Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis of the Organizational Environment 
Analysis Techniques of the Organization 
Business Processes, Learning and Development within the Context of Strategic Management 
Evaluation and Measuring of the Potential and Realization of the Organization within the
Context of Strategic Management 
Strategic Control in Contemporary Management 
Information Technologies in Strategic Management 
Business Intelligence and Strategic Management 
Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Management